Center for Sociological and Political Researches of Belarusian State University (CSPR-BSU)

Center for Sociological and Political Researches of Belarusian State University is a leading sociological service in the Republic of Belarus which continues the traditions of the first Belarusian sociological establishment “Problematic Research Laboratory of Sociological Studies” created at Belarusian State University in 1967. It participated in the large-scale research program “Public Opinion” managed by the USSR State Committee on People’s Education during 1986-1991.

CSPR-BSU provides a complex of modern technologies for organization and carrying out research works: starting from development of research program till presentation of analytical reports. Highly-qualified professionals with research degrees in Sociology, Philosophy, Economy work at the Centre in the spheres of sociological studies, political science, economy, social psychology, methodology and methods of organization and conducting polls, surveys, qualitative researchers, data processing and data analysis.

CSPR-BSU is directed by Professor David Rotman
, Vice-President of the “Belarusian Sociological Association”,
vice-chief editor of the peer reviewed Belarusian sociological journal “Sotsiologiya”, a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the World Values Survey Association. He is one of the leading specialists in the FSU on the methods and organisation of social and political research. He is the author of the notion ‘Operative sociological research’ (swift opinion polling), and developed a range of original sociological and political techniques of survey inquiry, including virtual focus groups. Professor Rotman has published in the fields of sociology of politics, electoral behaviour, international relations, culture and cross-border relations. He has authored over 20 monographs and over 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals

The structure of the centre: two Analytical Departments headed by vice-directors Dr. Svetlana Morozova and Dr. Victor Pravdivets; Data Processing Department managed by Ljudmila Solovieva; Interview Network Department supervised by Dr. Larissa Sohlaeva; Service of Technical Provision; Data Collection Quality Control Service.

CSPR-BSU has collected a unique empirical data base of the social-political situation in Belarus since 1990. In addition we have carried out electoral studies in Belarus since 1989 at every election. The main directions of CSPR’s activities are political institutions’ functioning and political culture, electoral behaviour of various social groups, problems of new political elites and political leadership; studying the problems of students, primary and secondary socialization, professional orientation, problems of education and upbringing, etc.; exploring media sphere in the Republic of Belarus and annual media monitoring since 2003; research of socio-cultural processes, including ethnic-confessional relations, transformation of values; healthcare problems, family studies, problems of deviant behavior; business and marketing studies, etc.

We apply various methods of data collection for gaining reliable and representative data, including large-scale surveys, expert surveys, in-depth interviews, focus-groups, content-analysis etc. The centre has its own nation-wide network of 200 trained, experienced interviewers. Quality Control Service controls data collection by the method of “second visit” up to 20% of the sample. CSPR-BSU has developed a high level of information culture, software programming, we apply modern information resources and technologies, up-to-date computer and audio-visual equipment.

CSPR-BSU is a member of the European Center of Comparative Survey Research. CSPR was a leading organisation in a number of INTAS research projects, Copernicus projects, participates in prestigious world, European bilateral and multilateral projects, including the ones funded by the European Commission, British, German, Austrian research agencies. CSPR-BSU took part in well-known international comparative research projects “Studying Electoral Systems of the World”, the “New Democratic Barometer (NDB)” (1994, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2006), “European Value Survey (EVS) “ (2000, 2008); FP5 INCO-Copernicus research project «Living Conditions, Lifestyle and Health (LLH)» (2001-2003). CSPR-BSU worked in the European Commission FP-7 comparative international research projects “Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities: Nations between States along the New Eastern Borders of the European Union (ENRI-East)“ and “Health in Times of Transition: Trends in Population Health and Politics in the Sphere of Health in the CIS Countries (HITT)”.

CSPR-BSU has conducted a large number of studies for various international organizations, including the UN representation in Belarus, UNICEF, UNESCO, World Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Finance Corporation, a number of Ministries and Departments of the Republic of Belarus (Ministry of Information, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Trade), for a lot of Belarusian enterprises and institutions.

Some selected projects by CSPR-BSU:
“New Democratic Barometer (NDB)” (1994, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2006);
“European Value Survey (EVS)” (2000, 2008);
„The Russians as a National Minority in the CIS Countries“, INTAS 1995-1996;
“Key Indicators and Social Measurements of Transition”, INTAS, 2003-2005;
“Improving Business Climate in the Republic of Belarus” for the International Financial Corporation, 2004-2007;
„The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)“, 1995, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2010;
“Chernobyl Accident and its Consequences in the Population Opinions of the Region”, INTAS, 1996-97;
“Households’ Economic and Social Transformations in Ukraine and Belarus”, INTAS, 1998-99;
“Living Conditions, Lifestyle and Health (LLH)”, FP5 INCO-Copernicus, 2001-2003;
“The Role of Regions in the Transformations of the Post-Communistic Countries: the Cases of Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine – a Comparative Aspect”, INTAS, 2003-2004;
“Migration Models in the European Borders: Assessing Migration Trends in the Border Countries after the EU Enlargement”, INTAS, 2005-2007;
“Acceleration of Dynamics and Social Influence of Labour Markets on Local Communities in Easter European Countries as a Result of the EU Integration”, INTAS, 2005-2007;
„Impact of the Conditions, Living Standards and Lifestyle upon Formation of Migration Intentions of the Population of the Republic of Belarus“, 2007-2009 for the Belarusian Republic Foundation of Fundamental Research;
„Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities: Nations Between States along the New Eastern Borders of the European Union“ (ENRI-East), the Seventh Framework Program collaborative research project, grant agreement № 217227, 2008-2011;
“Europeanising or Securitising the Outsiders? Assessing the EU's partnership-building approach with Eastern Europe“ RES-061-25-0001, British Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) project, 2008-2010;
„Sociological Study of Peculiarities of Adaptation of Stateless Persons and their Living Conditions in the Republic of Belarus“, for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Belarus, 2010-2011;
„Developing a Program for Optimisation of Mass-Media Activities in Creation and Supporting a Positive Image of Belarus inside the Country and Abroad“, for the State Committee on Science and Technologies and the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus, 2007-2008;
„Health in Times of Transition: Trends in Population Health and Health Policies in CIS Countries“, the European Commission FP7 program, Ref. # 223344, in 2009-2013;
„Business Environment Study in Belarus“, for the International Financial Corporation, 2012-13;
“Privatisation and Mortality“, for the Cambridge University, 2014-2015;
„Study of Cross Border Trade Clearance Times in Belarus“, for the International Financial Corporation, 2015.

Selected publications by CSPR-BSU employees:
  • Topical Issues of the Modern Belarusian Society (2005-2010) / ed. D.G. Rotman [and others]. – Minsk: BSU Publishing, 2011.
  • Rotman D., Veremeeva N. ‘Belarus in the Context of the ENP: between the EU and Russia’, Journal of Communist Studies& Post-Communist Politics 27(1) 2011.
  • Values of Contemporary Person: Belarus in the project ‘European Values Survey’ / ed. D. Rotman and others. BSU: Minsk, 2009.
  • Rotman D.G., Pravdivets V.V. and others. Methods of sociological study of political field: peculiarities of functioning. Minsk. BSU. – 2007.
  • Methods of Sociological Inquiry in Political Sciences / ed. D. Rotman and others. BSU: Minsk, 2007.
  • Lifestyle and Health of the Population in the New Independent States / ed. C. Haerpfer, D. Rotman. SIMST-BSU, Minsk, 2003.
  • Operative sociological researches: methods and experience of organisation / ed. Danilov A. N., Rotman D. G. Minsk. BSU. – 2001.
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