The International Center for Sociological, Political and Social and Psychological Research, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (ICSPSPR).

The International Centre for Sociological, Political and Social and Psychological Research (ICSPSPR) was founded in 1992 as non-governmental, non-commercial organization. The Center conducts studies on the social processes in the transition period to market economy. It does social surveying and analytical reports. I also provides training of the sociologists, political scientists and social psychologists.  The Centre is based in Bishkek.

Director of the center is Kusein Isaev
, professor, candidate of economic sciences, doctor of philosophical sciences, academician of the Social Academy and Research Organization "Jacoba" (Warsaw - Seoul), member of the International Sociological Association.

Aigul Bakirova, specialist on sociological data processing and analysing, was trained at the Maastricht School of Management (Holland, 1997), has Post Graduate Diploma; Summer School of Democracy and Diversity (Krakow, Poland, 1998); participated in the international seminar in Lahor University of Management Sciences (Pakistan); the competitor of BHU, studies social problems of the industrial enterprises, development of management.

Ula Sherbak, data of birth - 1976, sociologist, has graduated from BHU sociological faculty with distinction, interested in social problems and socialization of youth.

Publications include:
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  • A.Bakirova. The Management of the Social Processes, Bishkek,1999.
  • J.Scherbak Socialisation of Youth as the Factor of the Development of Civil Society, Bishkek,1999.