Independent Sociological and Informational Service Opinia, Chisinau, Moldova (OPINIA)

ISIS OPNIA was established in 1992 on the basis of the former Moldovan branch of the All-Union Research Centre of Public Opinion VCIОМ, and is the oldest analytical center in Moldova. ISIS OPINIA specializes in qualitative and quantitative methods of research; research design and representation; and advance data collection and methods. It undertakes research in the field of politics, sociology, culture and social policy.

In recent years ISIS OPINIA has undertaken over 70 national and international projects, most recently including:
  • HITT-2008 (Health in Times of Transition: Trends in Population Health and Policies in CIS Countries(European Commission); Labour Market in Moldova (USAID);
  • Moldova’s Localities and workforce evaluation (USA donor); Ecological Communication: access to information, justice and public participation (OCCGCCA);
  • Social and Political Trends for CIS Countries(FP7 INTAS);Patterns of migration in the new European borderlands(FP7 INTAS project);
  • Social Exclusion Survey (UNDP);
  • Europeanising or Securitising the ‘Outsiders’: Assessing the EU’s partnership-building approach with Eastern Europe (ESRC UK).
Dr Olga DANII, Team Leader is Director of ISIS OPINIA.
During her scientific career she has served as coordinator, local expert-consultant and senior researcher for various national and international research projects. Dr Danii has extensive experience of coordinating large multi-country data-collection projects and mixed method analysis. She is the author of over 50 publications and reports, and country coordinator for over 20 international projects. Her main publications include ‘Moldova under the ENP’, in E. Korosteleva (ed.) Eastern Partnership: A New Opportunity for the Neighbours? (Routledge 2012); Problems of sustainable development in transition society (co-author, Chisinau: University Press, 2007); ‘Moldova and EU Neighbourhood Policy: 'Falling Between Stools'”, Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, 27(1), 2011; and ‘Moldova and the EaP’, in E. Korosteleva (ed.) Eastern Partnership: Problems and Perspectives (Minsk: BSU 2011, 170-2008).

Professor Alexandru BURUIAN is an ISIS OPINIA Senior Fellow and DoctorHabilitatus in Law, Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law, Academy of Science of Moldova. Professor Buruian is President of the International Law Association of Moldova, and Chief Editor of the Moldavian Journal of International Law and International Relations. During 1990-94 he also served as President of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament; during 1995- 1997 he became Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Moldova Germany, Spain and Denmark. His recent publications include ‘The Republic of Moldova’, in Legal systems in transition. A Comparison of Seven Post-Soviet Countries(Frankfurt 2012); ’The Transnistrian Conflict – The Prospects of its Resolution. A view from Kishinev’, in Hans-Georg Heinrich (ed.)Post-Soviet Conflicts Revisited(Frankfurt 2012); and Geopolitics of contemporary world(CEP USM, 2008). Prof. Buruian has been involved in a number of FP projects including Euborderregions (2011-2015); Post-Soviet Conflicts Revisited(ICAC EU-Russia/NIS, Austria2010-2011). Under the coordination of Center for European Constitutional Law (Grece), Prof. Buruian was project lead for ”The institutional reforms in the Republic of Moldova in the context of European Integration”(2006-2008).

Dr Lilia Plugaru is an ISIS OPINIA Lead Researcher. She is a Member of the National Association of Sociologists and Demographists in Moldova, Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science, Sociology Department. Her research expertise includes Sociology of Human Capital; Human Resources Management; Advanced methods in social research; Qualitative methods in social sciences; and Investigative techniques. Lilia’s main publications are ‘Migration of human capital’, Sociological Studies of Contemporary Society: Methodology, theory, methods (2008); ’Moldovan human potential and the development of socio-demographic processes in the transition period’, Human development impact of transformation processes of the Moldovan society (2007); ‘Perception of political crisis by Moldovan population: fear and expectations’, Romanian Journal of Sociology23(3-4) 2012.She is also the author over 30 analytical country reports, research and policy briefs. Lilia has been involved as a Country Project Coordinator in World Poll (Gallup Organisation), Patterns of migration in the new European borderlands (FP7 INTAS);Social and Political Trends for CIS Countries(FP7 INTAS) and project manager for Widening the European dialogue in Moldova Project (Slovak Atlantic Commission), 2013-2014.

Elena Cabac is an ISIS OPINIA Senior Fellow in EU integration. Her research expertise includes Economic Development, with special interest in macroeconomic and aid policy, development planning (Poverty-Reduction Strategy Papers, Growth Strategy, and National Development Plans), public financial management and performance-based budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects and institutional development processes. Has a vast experience in European Commission project identification, monitoring and evaluation practice gained in the daily work as a trainee but also during the traineeship for DG DEVCO staff and project managers from the EU Delegations. As part of her previous working experience she was also in charge to liaise with other stakeholders to ensure consistency with other programmes including the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework, Financial Programming and Public Policy ex-ante Impact Assessments.

Recent publications:
  • Olga Danii, Mariana Mascauteanu. Moldova Under the European Neighbourhood Policy: 'Falling Between Stools'”, The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics, Volume 27, Number 1, March 2011 , pp. 99-119(21), UK;
  • Buruian Alexander. The Transnistrian Conflict – The Prospects of its Resolution. A view from Kishinev. – In: Post-Soviet Conflicts Revisited. Hans-Georg Heinrich (ed.). – Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, Francfurt am Main, 2012. – 253 P. (P. 9-39). ISSN 2194-797X ISBN 978-3-631-62638-2;
  • Buruian Alexander. A multipolar world and Europe's place in the new system of international relations – In: Moldavian Journal of International Law and International Relations. 2014, nr. 1, 59-72. ISSN 1857-1999;
  • Plugaru Lilia. The role of human capital in economic growth and sustainable development of society. The increasing of socio-economic efficiency and population's welfare - overriding requirements of society. – Chisinau: UASM, 2010;
  • Olga Danii. „The image of the Republic of Moldova in Western informational system”. Scientific Annals of State University of Moldova, Vol. 2, Chisinau, 2004.