The most recent period of activity of Eurasia Barometer Consortium is characterized by final institutionalization of the Eurasia Barometer and establishment of its headquarters and International Secretariat in Vienna, Austria.

In this period Eurasia Barometer has also joined the Global Barometer Survey Group and became one of the organization's branches responsible for surveys in the countries of Post-Soviet Eurasia. The leadership of Eurasia Barometer was correspondingly invited to joint the Global Barometer Steering Committee. The Steering Committee of the Global Barometer Survey meeting on annual basis in order to discuss ongoing issues, to plan the forthcoming surveys and activities, to present regional barometer findings at conferences, forums and workshops.

In 2016, Eurasia Barometer consortium started planning the next, third wave of Eurasia Barometer survey and began fundraising activities to conduct the survey fieldwork. According to the preliminary plan, the survey has been scheduled for Fall 2017-Spring 2018.

Major research efforts undertaken in this period by the Eurasia Barometer Consortium are related to implementation of other European Commission FP7 projects:

2008-2012:Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities: Nations between States along the New Eastern Borders of the European Union” (funded by EC FP7). This project is a cross-national study of trans-boundary social and ethnic groups in Europe with a focus on socioethnic identities in Eastern Europe. This study had equally strong theoretical, methodological and empirical components and reach methods and approaches from a number of social sciences.

2009-2013:HITT-CIS - Health in Times of Transition: Trends in Population Health and Health Policies in CIS countries”  (funded by EC FP7) is an international research project devoted to study of population health and public healthcare policy by quantitative and qualitative sociological methods in nine former Soviet republics: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.