NEWS 2017

Forthcoming events

International Workshop “Eurasia Barometer: Development and Perspectives”

Dates: December 11-16, 2017
Participants: network partners and new members, stakeholders, social scholars, political scientists and political actors.
Objectives: present analysis and forecasting at the basis of the outcomes of the previous waves, start preparatory activities for the 3-rd wave of the large-scale comparative survey ‘Eurasia Barometer’ in all the post-soviet states, including the Eastern Partnership countries, and the post-soviet countries - EU member states.

Venue: Institute for Comparative Survey Research – ‘Eurasia Barometer’, Paniglgasse 17/7, A-1040 Vienna, Austria.

Preliminary Program

December, 11, 2017 (an open conference):
  • Welcome of the Director of the Institute for Comparative Survey Research –‘Eurasia Barometer’ - Professor Christian W Haerpfer;
  • Objectives and aims of the “Eurasia Barometer” (EB) project - Professor Christian W Haerpfer;
  • Presentation of the EB research consortium, including the Eastern Partnership countries, new partners from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia – Professor David Rotman;
  • Reports on the research projects conducted by the partner agencies and new members during the last 10 years – national team leaders;
  • Experience of conducting the previous waves of ‘Eurasian Barometer’ – Professor Christian W Haerpfer, national team leaders, national experts;
  • Peculiarities of conducting comparative monitoring surveys at the Eurasian territory – national experts and EB analysts;
  • Forecasting at the basis of the previous EB waves – national experts.

 December 12, 2017 (a moderated discussion for partners and experts):

  • Detailed planning of the cross-country population surveys ‘Eurasia Barometer’: schedule, dates, periods.
  • Discussion: sampling types and models - advantages and disadvantages – sampling experts, national team leaders.
  • Discussing research tools: introducing new questions or refusing from some questions, translation equivalency, adaptation and localization issues.
  • Development of a new set of questions on migration moods and perception of migrants.
    Issues of data transfer security, anonymity and confidentiality, data storage.
  • Discussion and search for funding opportunities for the third EB wave.
  • Planning a concluding workshop and an international conference after the 3-rd wave of ‘Eurasia Barometer’ is finished, inviting scholars, political actors, stakeholders from Eurasia countries, the European Union, and more.
  • Planning a collective monograph publication, based on the results of the 3-rd wave of the ‘Eurasia Barometer’ survey in fifteen countries.
December 13 - 16, 2017
  • Preparation of funding application for the 3-rd wave of the ‘Eurasia Barometer’ comparative cross-country program in fifteen post-soviet countries.