The concept of gender equality refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men of all ages. It stresses that the rights of individuals are not to depend on the gender they were born with and that the interests, needs and priorities of all genders must be taken into consideration. Implementation of the gender equality principles has proven to contribute to the establishment and development of peaceful, democratic, and equal societies. Gender equality is particularly relevant in the field of research where it improves the quality and impact of research and innovation, maximizing the potentials and talents and ensuring the reflective and relevant nature of the outputs. Gender equality thus enhances the innovation capacity both at the level of a society, research domain or a specific research organization.

The Institute for Comparative Survey Research “Eurasia Barometer” (ICSR-EAB) is committed to the advancement of women and to promote and support gender equality in all Institute’s research, administrative, outreach, dissemination, and other activities. The ICSR-EAB is committed to establishing working and social environment based on the principles of equal opportunities and embracing diversity. Any discrimination or disadvantages based on gender, but also other grounds such as race, ethnicity, religious belonging, age, or sexual orientation, are strictly rejected.

The present action plan is a strategic document that articulates ICSR-EAB’s institutional commitment to the promotion of gender equality and inclusive policies in all activities within the Institute. The plan presents the range of tasks, orientations, and implementation measures, including the scope of allocated financial and human resources, monitoring tools and implementation deadlines, put forward for the establishment of gender equality as the fundamental value and cross-cutting priority in all Institute’s activities.

Full text of the ICSR-EAB's gender equality plan is available here.