The most recent period of activity of the Institute for Comparative Survey Research Eurasia Barometer is characterized by the greater engagement into the international research programs and professional associations.

Since 2011, the Institute for Comparative Survey Research is cooperating with the International Political Science Association (www.ipsa,org) through establishing the IPSA Research Committee 17 “Comparative Public Opinion” (http://rc17.ipsa.org/). The main objectives of this research committee are to plan, conduct and publish international-comparative research in political science and political sociology on the basis of comparative opinion surveys. The geographical area of ‘Comparative Public Opinion’ is North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Europe.

In 2010 ICSR-EAB has also joined the Global Barometer Survey Group and became one of the organization's branches responsible for surveys in the countries of Post-Soviet Eurasia. The leadership of Eurasia Barometer was correspondingly invited to joint the Global Barometer Steering Committee. The Steering Committee of the Global Barometer Survey meeting on annual basis in order to discuss ongoing issues, to plan the forthcoming surveys and activities, to present regional barometer findings at conferences, forums and workshops. The latest round of Eurasia Barometer survey as a part of Global Barometer Survey program took place in 2021.

Since 2015, the Institute for Comparative Survey Research is hosting the Secretariat of the World Values Survey Association – the largest research program and survey infrastructure in the world (www.worldvaluessurvey.org).